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Friday, January 31, 2014

If you think Rebecca Fishman-Lippsey should be on the state board of education you may be a crazy person.

Two years of teaching experience in New York a decade ago, five years of Teach for America administrative experience, and Teach for America does the exact opposite of what we know to be best for our children and 7 years living in Florida and this embarrassingly limited resume got her on the state board of education. 

I don’t know what is more insulting Scott putting her on the board or her thinking, hey I am qualified.

Recognizing people might disagree I received the following two comments on a blog about her woeful lack of experience.

 Isn't this blog about "solutions"? Perhaps your energy would be better spent on researching and sharing best practices rather than bad-mouthing hard working people who are trying their best to achieve the same goal- improve the lives and opportunities of students. Your hateful opinions have no place in a legitimate debate about how to improve education. Re-think your strategy if you really care about the future of FL schools. 

Hey here is a solution don’t put people woefully under qualified on the board. There has to literally be hundreds of thousands of teachers and parents who are more qualified than her. Lets start with one of them. How is that for a solution.

I then received this second comment.

Really? You approve comments? Talk about hypocrisy- you spew hate but won't let others speak freely.

Yes I do preview my comments because occasional I get comments form nut jobs like the one who sent me above.  If you think for a second she should be determining the fates of Florida’s children schools or teachers, or you are not outraged by her selection you are probably a crazy person.

That’s not me being hateful, that s me caring about our teachers, our children and our schools. Jump on my wagon, there is room. 


  1. OK, that is obviously Rebecca Fishman-Lippsey being defensive because she knows she isn't qualified...or her mom. Is she a millennial?

  2. Then she is a millennial and that was probably her mom who made those comments about you "spewing hate." She probably brought her mom to her interview with Scott. Geez.

  3. It sounds like one of those nepotiz deals.