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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Florida Board of Education Member Rebecca Fishman Lipsey dishonors Florida’s teachers

When talking about raising the passing scores for teacher certification tests, Mrs. Fishman-Lipsey said

Board member Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, a former teacher, said requiring higher scores is "giving honor to the profession" by making it a more exclusive club. 

Okay I guess we can debate about that but my real question is what would she know,  her only education experience comes through TFA and those teachers since they only stay for a cup of coffee will never have to take certification tests. Isn’t there a bit of hypocrisy her being in favor of tests she never took and is never going to have to?

Here is her teaching experience taken from her Linkedin bio:
Corps Member / NYC DOE Public School Teacher
Nonprofit; 1001-5000 employees; Education Management industry
2004 – 2006 (2 years) Greater New York City Area

She has some nerve talking about honoring the profession when she and the man who appointed her, Rick Scott so dishonor it.

This is an embarrassment to Florida.


  1. How about we make it even more "exclusive" and pay those who have a professional certificate more money? What are my privileges for being a part of this club? I get told what to do, commanded concerning how to do it, yelled at by parents, treated condescendingly by admin and coaches, evaluated through arbitrary tests, pitied by strangers, and denigrated by our governmental leaders. On top of that, my starting salary with over 8 years of experience and a graduate degree is only about $3,000 above a teacher with absolutely no experience and a degree in basket weaving. Oh yeah, every young kid wants to grow up and be a part of this club. By the way, the only reason I stay is because of the students. They need good teachers who have been around longer than 2 years, who have actually developed a personal pedagogy, who don't rely on the latest fad, and who will prepare them for college or a career. It is sad when I have seniors working on college portfolio recommendations, and they cannot find any teacher to write them a recommendation because the teacher hightailed it out of the school after 1, 2, or 3 years.

    1. your comment re teachers hightailing it out after a few years. Try a few weeks! I moved to Broward County and entered a public high school after many years in the private sector. I brought my years of experience teaching AP math courses and was given 4 FCAT classes. I walked out after 8 weeks and was the 6th new faculty member to resign in the first quarter. My resignation email put the blame squarely at the feet of the parents and students for my departure, they did not deserve me. Period!

  2. Teaching sucks! If the economy didn't suck, I would quit. Everybody treats me with disrespect...students, parents, administrators and DTU! Vitti has made the climate worse by "empowering" students and parents. As if they needed to be more empowered...