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Thursday, January 9, 2014

When we’re bad it’s because of not enough school choice and when we’re good it’s because of school choice.

Oy vey public schools just can’t get a break can they.

When the PISA scores came out people howled we’re doing terrible and we need more school choice.

Then today the Quality Counts rankings came out and Florida was ranked pretty high and the same people shouted, it is because of all the school choice Florida has had.   

I am going to go hang my head now, more on this to come.


  1. The great thing about choice, Chris, is that if the school your kid goes to stinks whether it is public, private or charter then you can go elsewhere.
    That's what we want.

  2. Public school isn't just for one kid or one family it is for all of us whether we have kids or not and this unfettered choice movement is hurting all of us. You want choice, sure but lets make sure they are good choices and that's not what charters and private schools that accept vouchers as a group are offering. Warts and all the best thing going is public schools and I think the best solution is to put good leadership, proper resources and a curriculum that is reasonable and serves many or the opposite of what we have been doing into our public schools.

  3. Furthermor families already have lots of choices, they can get involved int heir schools or local politics to improve them, they can move to a district they think would better provide for their kids, they can send heir kids to private school or home-school. The school choice crowd wants the public to subsidize their choices which are usually substandard and damage that entity, public schools, which is here to benefit all of us.