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Monday, January 20, 2014

Is the Times Union in love with Iranetta Wright too?

In a piece about principal changes the Times Union referred to Jackson as a C school, well friends sure it is but only because it benefited from the states ridiculous and deceptive schools can drop only one letter grade rule. If not it would have been a D or worse. Isn’t that some powerful context that the people of Jacksonville should know?

Why is this a big deal? It’s because leaving this out provides cover for Vitti, the district and area chief Iranetta Wright. Mrs. Wright was at Jackson for 5 years, a life time by today’s standards, and her grades were D, F (the lowest grade in the state), D, B (after the district put in heroic measures and almost half the student body left) and then if we are being honest a D or less. She got a promotion where other principals didn’t including her replacement who wasn’t even given a semester.

This makes me scratch my head, what about you?

A media not doing its job is partly responsible for the hole our schools find themselves in. 

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  1. The T-U is looking at Vitti thru rose-colored glasses, just as they did with Ed P-D. Journalists are supposed to ask hard questions, but they act as cheerleaders. Did they kick you off their website again? I'd rather read your thought-provoking blog than the fluff pieces on