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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Duval’s suspension centers are a colossal waste of resources.

These are the numbers from the Times Union: 5 suspension centers, 626 kids per month on average attend and figuring 20 school days in a month that averages out to a little over 6 a day. To serve these six students we provide transportation, a teacher, a social worker and police officer or guard. That’s three paid staff members, and a bus driver to take care of on average slightly over six students a day. Former school board member W.C. Gentry thinks they are a good investment too. 

What am I missing here?

Furthermore the district just put full time ISSP teachers in all its middle and high schools and that’s really what suspension centers are, in school suspension at an alternative location.

In these days of limited resources suspension centers are a big loser. 

1 comment:

  1. Duh! As usual, the disruptive kids get attention AND one million a year spent on them. And it makes no difference except that it reduces the # of suspensions the county can claim. Gentry can't do simple math. He must have graduated from a Duval school.

    He reminds me of a student who was angry at me, because she had a D in my 12th grade honors class, but A's and B's in everything else. She had received A's in Algebra 1 and B's in Algebra 2 (in which quadratic equations and parabolas are part of the curriculum). I allowed her to retake a test. She asked me, "If there are 20 questions, how many are they each worth?" (I used a scale of 100). Then she asked me if she could use a calculator, because she didn't know what 3/2 was.