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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Florida Charter school advocate says, you can trust charter school advocate!

Ever stacking the deck in favor of charter schools, the Florida department of education appointed Adam Emerson, former director of parental choice for the Fordham Institute, new director of charter schools.

Some might be thinking what’s wrong with that; shouldn’t we have an expert on charter schools running the program?

The problem is the charter industry in Florida is seriously out of control. Putting Emerson in charge is like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house and if you want an example for how well that works out look at Indiana and Tony Bennett. These guys are incapable of making decisions based on what’s best for children and answer solely to the privatization agenda.

Shouldn’t we have somebody who is at least neutral who is going to look at the landscape and be introspective?  My problem with charter schools isn’t the concept and I readily admit there are several good ones. The problem is 250 plus charter schools have failed in Florida, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, siphoned out of public schools that could have put that money to good use and tens of thousands of children have had their educations disrupted at best and shortchanged at worse. The problem is what’s best for our kids is way down the list and what’s best for people’s bank accounts isn’t.

John East another shill for the charter industry wrote in Redefined Ed, Having worked with Adam, I profess no objectivity here. I do know him as earnest and measured, the husband of a public school teacher, a believer in the public good and a sap for educational turnaround stories. He joins some talented and conscientious people in the choice office, and we wish him well.

John East by the way after accepting his 30 pieces of silver is the director of policy and public affairs for Step Up For Students, and undoubtedly uses tax payer money to lobby for more taxpayer money. His organization routinely sentences kids to substandard education all in the name of choice.

Color me skeptical when one wolf vouches for another.

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