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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Arne Duncan slams teachers, says they come from the bottom of the academic barrel.

As the secretary of education Arne Duncan is supposed to be the nation’s top teacher, except he never taught a day in his life, furthermore other than having influential friends I can’t find anything that say he is qualified to have the job he does.

This however isn’t about that, it’s about the fact Duncan has very little respect for teachers.

In U.S. news and world report he repeated the education reformers inaccurate line that “…teachers in America often come from the bottom of the academic barrel…”

You know this assertion has been debunked over and over and further more a higher percentage of teachers have advanced degrees than the general public and every public school teacher has to have at least a bachelors degree is only slightly over thirty percent.

It is almost like Arne Duncan has a pathological need to insult teachers.

It is time this teacher hating, high stakes test loving unqualified mess to go.

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