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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The terrifying similarities between the murders of Johnell Johnson and James Lewis

Once again the mother of Johnell Johnson said she went to principal Al Brennan for help with her son, that he was being threatened on school grounds and once again she said Brennan dismissed her. Sadly there are a lot of similarities between his murder and the 2005 murder of James Lewis.

James Lewis was a student who attended Northwestern High in Miami when Brennan was principal there. According to a post on a blog called Stop the Violence, Lewis was assaulted the morning of his murder on school grounds by students who didn't attend the school.

From the blog: It all began on that friday morning when james came to school and for some odd reason a group of boys picked out a fight with him and 3jay got suspended.

James was suspended for fighting students who didn't even attend his school. What would have happened had the school involved the police, taken an interest or followed up? Might James still be alive? Johnell Johnson's mother seems to think her son would still be alive had principal Brennan done something.

Two young men's lives were tragically cut short and Brennan had the power to intervene. Instead he did nothing.

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