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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

AL Brennan doesn't understand that losing 40 teachers is a bad thing

From the Times Union:  Principal Alvin Brennan said after the meeting that among the 40 are Teach for America teachers, who typically leave after their two-year contracts are up. He added that 40 out of 112 teachers is not an unusually high departure rate.

Right there Brennan lets you know what an incredibly bad system Teach for America is but more than that he gives us some insight into his psyche.  

First he is ignorant, 40 staff members leaving and its bound to be more, I know the long time Music teacher has left as well, is a tremendous amount. What business loses 35 percent of its staff and shrugs its shoulders?

Sure some teachers routinely do leave but that's a huge amount and its worse because most of who left are veterans. You know those teachers who have both proven they know what they are doing and who have stuck.  Furthermore what veteran teacher is going to want to transfer there?  

He has guaranteed a revolving door of novice teachers. Before Brennan arrived the school earned an A, and through his actions he has just guaranteed a long and steep slide.

I did however consider this. Maybe to him 40 members of the staff leaving may not be all that unusual, to him that is. You see because when he was at Forrest there was a similar exodus of experienced teachers. they left in droves as well. 

This is who Vitti thinks is one of he district's best.

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