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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Now Trey Csar cares about transparency? (rough draft)

Trey Csar is the president of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund and a Times Union endorsed expert. He said something very interesting about transparency the other day.

From the Times Union when talking about the state's release of ELA scores. They’re the new results but they’re really the old results,” he said. “The state has not provided significant transparency into how it is ... computing the scores.”

Now he is right the state has not been very forthcoming and I would call it a cluster$#%^ if it wasn't insulting to cluster%$#^s. The scores however are different which he would have known had he bothered to look at all the scores, the problem is, now Csar cares about transparency?

First I don't think it should be lost on anybody that Csar's boss Gary Chartrand is at the center of the lack of transparency from the state. Up till recently the grocer-in chief who never taught was chair of the state board of education and is still a member of it. 

Furthermore despite the fact JPEF manages money for the district thier board meeting are off limits to the public. Now you might be saying they only manage the QEA money, money given to the district by a group of local millionaires but even that's a problem.

The QEA has in effect set policy for the district. They started a merit pay plan and endorsed untrained novices teaching our most vulnerable children (TFA). These are things which I remind you that we elected a school board to do and their meetings were off limits to the press and public too.

I can make a solid case for quid pro qu from the district to Gary Chartrand too. We gave his KIPP charter school 1.6 million dollars and allowed it a huge and I believe undeserved expansion which in future years will take out a lot more money from the district than the QEA brought in . 

If only somebody could have been at the meetings to make sure that didn't occur.

Where is the transparency for that?

Oh wait it doesn't exist.

Csar's concern about transparency seems very selective.

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