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Friday, June 26, 2015

Is Superintendent Vitti the gimmick superintendent?

I think we need these two things above all else to be successful, disciplined schools and respected and supported teachers. Without those two things we will continue to spin our wheels never reaching the amazing potential the city has and in my opinion they are the worst two things that the district does.

Instead on fixing those two things the superintendent seems more interested in gimmicking our way to success.

Remember last year when the district had to have open enrollment, it just had to! Then after significant community push back revealed the plan wasn't so well thought out, the Superintendent announced he was going to table it. Well he must have tabled it real good because we haven't heard word one about it ever since.

Then there is restorative justice the feel good discipline plan that the superintendent dropped in our schools. You know the one which says not till a child's fourth fight does anything meaningful happen. Sadly only masochists think getting punched in the face feels good. Who knows if done right this might help unfortunately it hasn't been done right and it has led to discipline getting even worse.

Next there is single gender classrooms which despite dubious evidence the superintendent says he is looking to expand. I think that districts have to experiment to see what works but I also believe the sexes can be educated together too. The recent puff piece celebrating the success of a local single gender middle school in the Times Union failed to mention the 53 staff members (41 teachers and admins, 12 full time city year members), not counting support staff for 471 students and unprecedented level of support. I believe that more than anything led to the small gains at the school.

Then in today's paper he said, let's get uniforms, yes less than two months before the start of the school year he wants the kids at our middle and elementary schools to get uniforms something Duval tried once before and it was a disaster. It's not even getting uniforms that bothers me so much it's he think a paradigm shift for a district of 120,000 kids, many very poor can happen in two months

I think we could add getting rid of books on the elementary level in favor of printouts to the list as well.

Instead of doing whats right the super seems more interested in using whatever gimmick or fad du jour he stumbles across. He needs to understand that the basics did not fail us but moving away from them has.


  1. There's always the chance that the media got it wrong, but the story aligns with an all-too familiar theme in Duval County: dangle money in front of them, and they'll do it. No thought about the appropriateness or timing, get the money. As the story reads, what attracted attention was the $700,000 Vitti estimates the district could get if it rushes into a uniform policy.

  2. Yes! Yes! You got him pegged correctly. Yes. Duval County Public Schools is the laughing stock of the state. It is like he makes it up ad he goes. Then when the "It hits the fan", he places the blame on his minions and disposed of quickly. I have been in the district for more than years. Through Fryer, Wise, Pratt-Dannals and strong school board members and a strong DTU presence. I can't understand or fathom what this board and DTU does not see and hear from its people. They know morale is at negative zero and they continue with this farce that Duval County is moving in the right direction. It lets the employees know that you don't have my best interest. You can't blame school administrators because they are dropping off like flies if they don't fall in line. I want to know what the data shows about the number of teachers that are leaving to go to St.John's, Clay, and Nassau county last year. In years past, it was hard to get into those counties and they have open the doors with open arms like never before. The last administration had issues but compared to this stuff it was Candyland.

  3. It's as if he has ADHD or something.

  4. He is in complete control and no repercussions.So he keeps throwing stuff out if it works good,if it doesn't he has no one holding him accountable so no big deal!The big deal is my kids educations.But no who could do something will take a stand against him and the school board.

  5. He thinks he's Napoleon.