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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Times Union believes pigs fly

The front page of the Times Union said DCPS will save ten million on a new reading program.

I have a question a question for the Times Union. If Duval County Public Schools told you pigs could fly or Big Foot was real would you believe it and put it on the front page?

There is no way the District's new reading initiative is going to save ten million dollars and nobody should even want it to because we cannot solve our reading problem on the cheap. 

Furthermore the district which is already habitually late in getting materials to teachers is now saying either they are either going to make and deliver documents daily to over a hundred schools a number which ultimately will be in the hundreds of thousand perhaps millions or they expect the district's already over worked teachers to make them. These are the same teachers who already have had their access to paper, ink and printers limited. 

Then there is the material from engage NY which has been described as a fad and unimpressive. School board members Couch and Wright were correct to vote no.

Last year Duval a district with a reading problem got rid of its librarians, this year they plan to get rid of its books.



  1. Wow. Now if every kid had Internet access at the same time at school, okay, maybe it might work....sort of. Unfortunately, beyond testing times, I cannot get a laptop cart to save my life. Plus, my elementary teacher friends find the material disconnected from Florida, as it contains many links to NY, go figure. I know many schools have copy quotas as well; how can you even possibly have a quota now with this lack of adoption? Notice, this is not happening in Clay and St. Johns, as per the article, they are using Engage NY as supplemental.
    How about something that will actually work? Lower class size so teachers can work more with individual students on literacy issues.And before people claim it doesn't work or isn't necessary, look at the best private schools, which have about half the amount of students per teacher.

  2. How is it that this is front page news, but the issue at FCHS only got an editorial? Shame on you Times Union!