Arlington Elementary: Kimberly Brown, formerly Martin Luther King FAME Academy
Atlantic Beach Elementary: Mindy McClendon, formerly assistant principal at Hendricks Avenue Elementary
Bartram Springs Elementary: Kim Wright, formerly Atlantic Beach Elementary
Beauclerc Elementary: Mariah Spasoff, formerly assistant principal at Beauclerc Elementary
Dinsmore Elementary: Wanda Reese, formerly of St. Clair Evans Academy
Ed White High: Jason Bloom, formerly of Stillwell Middle
Englewood High: Sara Bravo, formerly of Julia Landon Middle
Finegan Elementary: Shameka Brown, formerly assistant principal of Cedar Hills Elementary
Ft. Caroline Elementary: Violet Stovall, formerly of Justina Road
Greenland Pines Elementary: Jackie Sneddon, formerly at Oceanway Elementary
Gregory Drive Elementary: Detra Tucker, formerly assistant principal at Enterprise Learning Academy
Hogan Spring Glen Elementary: Charlene James, formerly assistant principal at North Shore Elementary
Jacksonville Beach Elementary: Cameron Mattingly, formerly an assistant principal at Jacksonville Beach Elementary
Julia Landon Middle School: Tim Feagins, formerly of Woodland Acres
Joseph Stilwell Middle: Jennifer Campese, formerly assistant principal of Stilwell
Kernan Trail Elementary: Suzanne Shall, formerly assistant principal from Chets Creek
Kings Trail Elementary: Shanethea Shubert, formerly assistant principal of San Jose Elementary School
Lake Forest Elementary: Cassandra Thomas, formerly assistant principal of Brentwood Elementary
Lee High School: Scott Schneider, formerly of Terry Parker High School
Mandarin Middle School: Dean Ledford, formerly of Lee High School
Merrill Road Elementary: Diane Clark, formerly of Kings Trail
Martin Luther King FAME Academy: Cindy Gentry, formerly assistant principal of Sadie Tillis
Northwestern Middle: Tyrus Lyles, from outside the district (unspecified)
Oakhill Elementary: Clair St. Amand, formerly assistant principal of Jeff Davis Middle School
Oceanway Elementary: Michelle Hinkley, formerly assistant principal at Highlands Elementary
Principal of District Dual-Language Programs: Vanessa Mangual, formerly of Beauclerc Elementary
S.P. Livingston Elementary: Andrea Williams Scott, formerly of Gregory Drive School
San Mateo Elementary: Carolyn Wells, formerly of Bartram Springs
Sheffield Elementary: Cassandra Delay, formerly assistant principal of Southside Estates
Spring Park Elementary: Aaron McWilliams, formerly principal of Stonewall Jackson
St. Clair Evans Academy: Lawanda Polydore, formerly assistant principal of St. Clair
Terry Parker High: Megan Pardue, formerly assistant principal of Lee High
Twin Lake Middle: Tammy Tuschoff, formerly of LaVilla Middle School
Whitehouse Elementary: Bill Gilley, formerly assistant principal of Whitehouse Elementary
Woodland Acres: Tiffany Fullwood, formerly assistant principal of Woodland Acres