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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vitti doesn't really care what teachers think.

I wrote earlier about how he ignores parents. There is perhaps one group he ignores more and that's teachers. He said to us please fill out the TNTP survey and we will use it to make changes. Well tell that to the staff at First Coast who said Brennan created a culture that was tough to learn and teach in and Vitti responded by not just keeping him there but calling him one of the city's best.

He did the same thing to several other schools that were screaming for help as well. He obviously didn't care one bit. He has a palatable disrespect for teachers.

Duval County has a lot of potential but it will never reach it as long as the district marginalizes, disrespects, and ignores teachers. We have a superintendent who apparently revels in all of that.

Dear Superintendent Vitti, please don't ask us to waste any more of our time filling out surveys if you are just going to ignore the results. You can not care what we think without wasting our time.

Thank You

Duval's Teachers

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