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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dear Duval why do you hate Ed White so much

I have to tell you I have a soft spot for Ed White. I went there and I taught there for five years and it tears me up what the district has done to them

Out first year principal Eric Paul and in Stilwell principal Jason Bloom, he will be thier sixth principal in 8 years. Apparently Paul didn't care for the way we do things here and if you listen to Vitti it was the plan to move Bloom there all along. Translation, he's just winging it.

In what has to rank as one of the worst motivational speeches of all time Superintendent arrived today to share the news, and told the staff of mostly first year and Teach for America Teachers (sic), that they had lost the fire and that had led to Ed White becoming a Raines, Ribault and Jackson type school, (mostly minority, poor, crappy????) whatever that means.

Not content to allow the staff to start the summer with just a principal change he added this nugget. He said Ed White may end up like Blockbuster with the doors closed.

Blaming and threatening staffs is what passes for leadership in Duval County

More on this to come.


  1. Meanwhile, down the street, a middle school is wondering about its leadership. The staff wondered if someone was going to show up at the year ending celebration and make such an announcement. Does it seem to you that the old game of favorites and not-so-favorites is going on? Stilwell is also struggling.

  2. Chris you're making this stuff up. This cannot be real. Vitti is a prankster, this has to be a joke. Closed like Blockbuster? A school like Raines, Ribualt and Jackson? Why not just call them the ------schools then? The school board allows this?

  3. I'm having trouble understanding this. Was Paul just removed or did he resign? Was he a first-year principal or was he the first principal you had there? What does Stilwell have to do with anything?

    What did Vitti mean by fire? Is that good or bad?

    1. From what I understand Paul left on his own, he was one and done at Ed White, Bloom is from Stilwell.

  4. Chris. I don't know who gave you the scoop. But it was that awful! I wish you could've been there to speak up. He slammed our data. Which k was not aware we had anything back except for Achieve 3000 level set. He said it was our grad rate and pert scores? Ughhh happy summer. Now think of a job that will better suit you. So offensive.

  5. It was terrible at our school also yesterday. My principal was informed he was being replaced and that he would not be offered any position in other words he was fired!! His replacement was in the middle of preparing for her school's faculty End of the Year celebration and was told to go to our school immediately to meet our faculty! The district rep informed us about 30 mins. after our principal was informed and introduced our new principal, who I am sure was spinning from shock herself!!! Our principal is a man of high integrity, a very dedicated over 20 year educator, family man and excellent role model for our mostly low income based student population, who I feel was humiliated beyond imagination. Teacher morale is at an all time low all over the county. The new teachers are saying they are going to find another career and the experienced are retiring earlier than they had origonally planned. If a principal treats staff members with respect and as intelligent colleagues, not brow beating or using demeaning tactics, but uses encouragement, and praise, then I guess that is Dr. Vitti's definition of an ineffective leader!! Teaching is, but should I say, was my passion. I am sorry to say, this adminitration has destroyed most of my desire, but I go on because my students need people who really care about them as a human being NOT just a test score!!! Students perform better if they feel their teacher truely cares and believes in them; the same goes for a faculty....too bad Dr. Vitti doesn't realize it!

  6. None of these changes were on the SB mtg agenda on Monday. Thus none were approved by the board. Then on Tues, Vitti makes massive admin changes. WTF? Out with the good, in with the bad. He's destroying the system....clearly has a charter school agenda.

  7. Where is the list of changes typically released to the media? It seems like a lot of changes are being made in the dark!

  8. if bloom tries to bring uniforms im leaving and i already thought about leaving for football reasons coach peirson was fired by bloom

  9. bloom better no bring uniforms'