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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Superintendent Vitti offers First Coast Parents 30 pieces of silver to forget what Brennan has done,

I was sent screenshots of some of Superintendent Vitti's proposals to help get First Coast back on track and a lot of them were great ideas. He had plans to deal with the school boundaries, the fine arts, the lack of foreign language options, school safety, parental involvement, teacher retention, and reigniting Buc pride among others. These were ideas that shouldn't be used at First Coast but at schools throughout the district, the superintendent really brought his A game.

The only caveat being the school had to keep principal Brennan not for one more year but for two. That's right the superintendent came bearing gifts and the cost was just to keep the man who ran the school into the ground, damaging students educations and ending teacher's careers.

Let me ask you a question, if you went to a mechanic or a doctor not because anything was wrong but just for a check up, things were running very smoothly before your visit, and when you left your car was destroyed and you were on life support, would you give them another chance? What if their supervisor said, well this time I will keep a closer eye on them? Of course you wouldn't but superintendent Vitti expects you to roll those same dice with your children's futures.

As I said Superintendent Vitti brought a lot of great ideas to the table but at the end of the day the man who ran First Coast int the ground should not be the man to implement them.  He should not be given another opportunity to do even more damage.

Two years ago First Coast was an A school on the way up, Vitti brought Brennan in and there is no school in the district in more disarray. The solution should not involve keeping Brennan in charge.


  1. Reading between the lines in the story in today's T-U it looks as if perhaps an assistant principal will have much more power and responsibility.Perhaps this is a face-saving gesture on Vitti's part. Perhaps Brennan is being left there as a figurehead with no real responsibility. Let's hope so.

  2. I hope it isn't one of the two aps they have. The one that shall remain nameless is WORSE than Dr. B by far. Dr. B has made some mistakes, but isn't that bad. This woman is is just...words won't do it justice.

    1. Her use of the CAST Evaluations as a means to vent her miserable existence needs to be addressed. Townsend's evaluations stand in sharp contrast to the job people are doing at First Coast.

    2. Vitti made some promising proposals (Promising Proposals...say that 10 times real fast). If Vitti follows through on those promising proposals it is going to cost the district some money, and the super is gonna be super busy micro-managing Brennen for the next 24 months.

      I guess Vitti is not a student of human behavior nor did he pay attention in the one psychology class he took in college (there's no way he had more than that), because he would know that a classic narcissist like Brennen will never own up to his character defects. He is not ever going to become a nice, humble, person who will keep an open mind and take suggestion from people who he feels superior to. That ship sailed a very long time ago.

    3. It is no use blaming an AP. Even if she is horrible, and I believe she is, it is the principal's job to counsel and correct her. He cannot hide behind his underlings even if they are smarter than he is (most likely). Since she does horrible things on his watch and he allows her to continue then it is his responsibility and eventually Vitti's.

  3. The issue at First Coast is not just the administration it's also the parents and students. Due to a useless code of conduct, students OWN the school district and the school they attend. They get away with murder and it makes writing a referral useless. Principals, assistant principals and deans hands are tied due to this sorry behind code of conduct. God forbid you have a parent who feels that their "innocent" child does nothing wrong and feels the need to run to the school board just because they know the school board is going to take the words of a parent who has no control over there own child and admonish the school, teacher and administration because they don't want to lose support of the parents. Half of the time these students come to class ready to do nothing but disrupt the class. They don't do the work given to them and they run home whining to their parents when they end up failing. Stop jumping down Dr. Brennan's back because despite what everyone thinks of him he also have someone to answer to and that's Vitti. Vitti is dragging this district down and in turn the administration as well.