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Friday, June 26, 2015

More poor numbers for Duval County

English Language arts tenth grade assessment

Palm Beach, 57
Orange, 52
Hillsborough, 55
Dade, 52
Broward, 55
Duval, 48
State Average 54

Algebra I EOC Assessment

Palm Beach, 70
Orange, 64
Hillsborough, 69
Dade, 63
Broward, 69
Duval, 57
State Average 67

Superintendent Vitti likes to compare us to the other five big Florida counties and invariably we are at or near the bottom and as you can see above here we are again.  

The thing is I know we have great and hard working teachers but I also know morale is rock bottom across the district and leadership is spotty at best. Some schools have great admins while others have bullies masquerading as admins running them. Until the district takes care of its teachers we will always be at or near the bottom.

At some point however doesn't Superintendent Vitti have to take ownership?


  1. At ACHS the 10th grade L.A. teachers showed 3 movie versions of Romeo and Juliet. Thats easier then asking them to read. Then they had to say which one they liked best. I bet there wasn't much rigor in that. 10th grade L.A. showed ALOT of movies. Videos are encouraged by the admin. I am constantly told to show more videos. Where did you find the reading scores? I wonder how my school did. I predict poorly.

    1. The individual school scores aren't out yet but when they are I will post them...

    2. That's easy. None of them. Romeo and Juliet needs to be seen on stage if one is to understand the full intent of the author.

      I'll just take my Level 5 and go now.

  2. As a teacher and parent of an ACHS student, I beg to differ. My son read Romeo and Juliet. Videos are not encouraged by the administration. That statement is ludicrous. ACHS does have an extensive film studies program. The level of rigor in the AP and honors classes rivals the academic magnet schools as our AP scores demonstrate.

    1. Maybe in AP they read it, but others watched the movie ad nauseum. Even my students thought it was a joke. It was students who complained about it.

    2. I also hear nothing but good things about Atlantic Coast.

  3. I have been told repeatedly by administrators to show more videos. I don't see how you can differ, since I'm stating a fact, not an opinion.

    1. Quality programs can be an asset in ones teaching arsenal, even for a good lecturer. For those who rely on worksheets, and 'read and answer the questions in the back', quality documentaries are a like manna from heaven.