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Thursday, June 25, 2015

EngageNy Duval's new reading curriculum gets poor reviews

EngageNY modules: “So random” is no way to teach.

So there you have it, in brief. EngageNY's interpretation of the Core-- one part useless foolishness, one part stuff that isn't actually in the CCSS, and one part pedagogy that any non-brain-dead teacher was already using. Thank goodness the CCSS are here to save us.

The EngageNY modules have been widely mocked, ridiculed and criticized by parents and educators, students have complained about the drudgery of the lessons, so perhaps the flacks at SED have just gotten sick of defending the indefensible and are ready to throw even more cash into the Common Core curriculum development process.

To be fair there were several positive reviews, the Fordham group and the USDOE, common core supporters and think tanks, which is quite often the case, the people doing the teaching don't like something while those profiting off it love it.

I have talked to a few teachers here in Jax and the consensus was they had seen worse but at the same time they felt replacing books was a huge mistake.

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  1. From what I've heard, the books were NOT replaced... They were ELIMINATED.