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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Many of Duval's worst principals kept their jobs or Duval wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars on a survey (rough draft)

The district contracted with an organization called the New Teacher Project paying then hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out what is going on in our schools and then promptly ignored the results. I can tell because the leadership at four of the six schools that received some of the lowest scores in the category of "My school is a good place to lean and teach." kept their jobs. Um why did the district spend 700 grand just to ignore the results?

This is a little subjective because school grades have not come out but having a school with the "least contented teachers" cannot be a good sign.

Let me put that another way, the district obviously thinks running off experienced and proven teachers  and allowing leaders who create negative school cultures is okay in their book.

From the Times Union
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