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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Superintendent Vitti sends teachers a chilling message

Before Brennn got to First Coast it was an A school with a veteran staff, since he arrived over 90 members of the staff have left and the school grade has dropped. Then on the TNTP survey only 29 percent of teaches there said it was a good place to teach and learn.

What does Vitti do? He says Brennan is one of the city's best and he will be around for at least two more years.

Vitti has just told teachers they do not matter. He has said, administrators that bully, cajole and run teachers out of the profession are just fine to him. He has basically said teachers are disposable and he has told admins all across the district do what you will and make staff as miserable as you want and sadly to many will take him up on that.

He put a knife in local teacher's hearts.

We cannot be successful as a school district if we are going to treat the people who do he actual work with such little regard.  To ordinary people the fall of First Coast would be evidence enough of that but to Vitti he shrugs his shoulders and says carry on.

These are not just troubling times at First Coast high school they are troubling times for the entire district.


  1. Brennan is an empty suit--totally incompetent,very aggressive and domineering. Extreme aggressiveness and bulling of subordinates typically go hand in hand with his other personality problems such as micromanaging. He has no substance and no style--Just very sharp claws and elbows. He is threatened by super-competent teachers and hasn’t the confidence to know that you should always hire people smarter than yourself. Hmm, does this description fit Vitti too?

    1. Very true. Unfortunately for him, he is surrounded by people smarter than himself. You'd think he would be use to that reality and not threatened by it.