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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Irony of "'The Librarian of Basra,'” or how Duval County Public Schools got rid of books

Duval County is getting rid of reading books for the elementary grades you know because a district with a reading problem doesn't need books and is going to replace them with selected passages presented in handouts and on classroom whiteboards, computer systems that entire classes share, think learning from a projector.     

I will have a lot more on this later but a friend on Facebook made an interesting observation. One of the Passages highlighted in the Times Union that will be taught to our children is the  "'The Librarian of Basra,'” which set in Iraq, features a woman trying to save books from firefights and bombs, presumably from the American military."

It's a book about someone in a war zone trying to save books, that is going to be taught in a district that is getting rid of books. 

There friends is the definition of irony. Then teachers are going to have to explain what librarians are because the district has already gotten rid of most of them. UGH!!!!

I don't know, but I was hoping kids could be a little older before they learned about war zones too.

I have grave concerns about the districts new initiative.  

1 comment:

  1. I have grave concerns about the districts new initiative as well.

    'Iraqi Librarians', 'caring for a mother with aides', 'parent night with two dads', 'Islamic devotion and salvation', 'god is science', 'science is god', Canada is evil, 'Aryan Supremacy', etc, etc

    This makes me think about 'Common Core' and the Hitler Youth program. In this corporate world, if I have enough money and enough influence, I can have my ideas,beliefs, and values inserted in the Common Core Curriculum. If I can get them young enough, I can effect, influence, and even control their conscience.

    You can already see this happening with the 'media' effecting adults (just watch the massive manipulation in this next election). You can also see this to a certain extent in education, but add in the potency of a consistent, organized, national agenda inserted directly into children's minds and you will control that next generation. Imagine all across the country in every classroom....word for word on this day, this will be taught, and on this date, this will be tested THAT IS POWER.

    I will have them build the biggest, most expensive military in the history of mankind, and go to war with whomever I choose. We will be bigger than Rome. I will be more powerful than Caesar Augustus, all the Pharaohs, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and Moses all put together. Hell I'll be bigger than Dick Cheney.

    Wow, makes you wonder if the plan wasn't implemented about 70 years ago.