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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Superintendent Vitti says just Google it!

Below is a comment from a reader about a post on the super's blunders.

You also have to mention his blunder of AGAIN tying ELA teachers' hands by having us "Google" resources rather than purchase materials that are research based. Rumor had it that we were going to finally get a text book. Come to find out the last day of post planning that we will not. 

Our scores continue to slide I literacy and yet we aren't given what we need to improve them. Sine we are "googling" again, are we again limited on our paper and ink supply? Probably. I ran out of ink in February and when I asked for more, was told we had no more money to purchase it. I was told I would have to purchase it myself which would be over $170 because the inks are so expensive for these printers they are phasing out anyway.

Something needs to be done if he truly wants to see an increase in literacy scores. Achieve 3000 is nice and all but it does NOT replace a solid text that is research based and proven to work. Achieve 3000 is also not that helpful when you are limited by the number of computers you have access to or the bandwidth (actually lack of) limitations. Yet, I am still being held accountable for my student growth scores while the Superintendent gets a free pass?!?!? Frustrating indeed!!!


  1. Yup. When a downtown technology rep came to my school about some platform they are developing, I asked about research resources. Every college has a plethora of databases to use for their students, so the sources are more reliable and valid. I was told that students can just use the Internet. Wow, and you blame the teachers for not preparing kids for college. And seriously, a teacher should NEVER have to worry about copies, especially since class sets of books or materials usually contain 25 of each, yet many teachers have 30 or more. When I told a friend who was thinking of putting her daughter into dcps that students don't read entire books as we only have class sets, she was shocked. The problem is that the schools with the most resources have parents who will buy them for their kids. These parents have more clout with Vitti, but they don't ask for change because their kids are doing great and have all they need. Conversely, a whole part of jax is disenfranchised; Vitti won't listen to them or the teachers in those schools. On top of that, don't even get me started on the lack of media centers. I have not been able to use one in 2 years, the time Vitti has been here.

  2. Things are bad. I've known of more than one teacher who had to use food banks to make ends meet. Vitti is doing a great job.