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Monday, June 1, 2015

Duval County has nearly 450 instructional openings.

As of today Duval County has nearly 450 openings or over five percent of the teacher force.

In years past around this time of year I would be writing about all the teachers who had been surplussed, that's temporarily let go because there wasn't a position for them but I don't think I will need to cover that topic this year.

I think Duval may be a little worse off than most places but the truth is we are shortly going to be facing an unprecedented shortage of teachers nation wide unless things changed. More and more people are deciding it isn't worth the stress, low pay and lack of support. It used to be teachers could find solace in helping kids but even that with scripted lessons, teaching to the test and a lack of discipline, has gone to the wayside.

Eventually we will reach a tipping point and the entire profession will go away, that is if we're not on that road already.  


  1. Make that 451. I'm looking for another job as soon as summer begins. Can't stand it anymore. I'm treated with disrespect by students and administrators and it's just not worth it anymore. And I make good money after 20+ years. My test scores are great, but I think they'll be glad to see me go, just because a new hire is cheaper. And my departure will be a loss, so if they're trying to destroy public education (and I think they are), then kudos to them.

  2. I think they're trying to drive out the professional teachers so they can hire temps (Teach for America, etc.) at a much lower rate. Thanks, Jeb Bush and followers! It's a sad time for our democracy! Public Education has long been a driving force in building up our nation, teaching each new generation about our government and the importance of being a good citizen, voting, etc. So sad to see this go by the wayside.

  3. In ten years you won't even need a ba or bs to teach. They will send a 20 year old to a workshop and plug him right in. After all, given the way teachers are treated, anyone can teach.

  4. Have you heard about principal moves? I've heard inklings that they are being shifted and demoted. I am at one of those schools that's had 3 principals in 5 year sander are about to get another one.....

    1. No, which is weird because they usually have come out by now...

  5. My department has so many new teachers; it has become a revolving door. Most just won't stay because of several reasons: 1) Money (sorry, but most think they can make more elsewhere) 2) School Culture (little support, no sense of community 3) Blame (everyone always wants to put accountability on the teachers when it takes a host of people involved in educating a child).
    In 2 years at my school, we have had over half the faculty change. Um, accountability means nothing as no one stays long enough to feel the "accountability" people believe is so important. And, I love my job, but when I have a Masters and 9 years of experience, but a novice only makes 4000 less than me, that is wrong. I also mentor 2 to 3 teachers every year (no money for that), lead my department, host writing camps, teach the college classes, etc. What I do (did) is provide some sense of stability for students and teachers who constantly change. Well, I'm even transferring, because I need to be surrounded by experience and stability. I want to be at a place unhindered by the turnaround - like oppressive status cultivated in most DCPS schools.