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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pro privatization web-site uses South Carolina tragedy to push for more charter schools.

Redefined Ed is a pro-privatization blog out of Florida with close ties to Jeb Bush and below is from a piece about expanding charter schools.

Quote of the Week
For too long, we’ve been blind to the way past injustices continue to shape the present.  Perhaps we see that now.  Perhaps this tragedy causes us to ask some tough questions about how we can permit so many of our children to languish in poverty, or attend dilapidated schools, or grow up without prospects for a job or for a career.
Perhaps it causes us to examine what we’re doing to cause some of our children to hate.

Um first absolutely despicable but more importantly despite Obama's support of charter schools I don't believe for a second his message was about expanding charter schools and one would really have to twist themselves in knots to get there.

The lack of shame and dignity displayed by ReDefined Ed, Jeb Bush's pro-privatization blog is truly stunning.

It wasn't to long ago that the right tried to use the tragedy in Baltimore to push for more school choice privatization too.

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  1. In the words of Eli Broad, "Never let a crisis go to waste."