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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Did the state just try to give 44 million to Teach for America?

The state board of education has one Teach for America alumni, Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey and at least one big supporter Gary Chartrand, though since they are all basically cut from the same cloth, non-educators/Scott supporters I wouldn't be surprised if they all shared the same opinion.

Teach for America takes non education majors from supposed elite schools and puts them through a five week boot camp before placing them with our neediest children where they are supposed to serve a two year commitment. This is the exact opposite of what we know to be best for our neediest.

Here is where it gets a little wonky, the state has offered 44 million dollars in bonuses to teachers, not ones who are nationally board certified or who have gone to school for advanced degrees, or you know things that matter but based upon teachers SAT and ACT scores. Hmm you know who I bet has some pretty good and easily accessible SAT scores? Recent graduates of supposedly elite schools.

Before you think I have gone all conspiracy theory on you let me remind you that the state also recently funneled 1.6 million dollars to Gary Chartrand's charter school KIPP Impact through a charter school cooperation grant.

At this point nothing they do would surprise me and it shouldn't surprise you either.

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  1. This idea runs counter to the previous performance pay ideology fad. Why should someone get paid more for simply doing well on a test? I would prefer that money go to people who will actually stay in education for the long run, to people committed to students. By the way, I am considered highly effective and I'm the 90th percentile for my SATs (took it 15 years ago). I cannot endorse anything like this. It is absurd. Why not give the money to teachers in year 6, as half quit within the first 5 years? Why waste the money on newbies who have proven nothing? Many are merely TFA anyways who will leave ultimately.