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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Questions about First Coast high that have gone unanswered. Where is the accountability?

This was a comment by Educator 101 on the Times Union web-site.

I am amazed that it took First Coast High School parents' vocal outbursts regarding the lack of student control that exist at their school to get the superintendent to initiate and implement personnel and infrastructure changes. However, the question that should be asked by parents and Board Member Wright is why these needed changes or requests were not brought to Dr.Vitti's attention by principal Brennan or his immediate supervisor? It is evident that these issues have been on-going issues that finally reached the tipping point with parents but the school's administrator and his staff did nothing to address these issues or request to appropriate district staff the need for additional personnel which is what Vitti is proposing as a solution NOW! Dr. Vitti, how do you continue to support Dr. Brennan when he has not been proactive in dealing with student misbehavior, unresponsive to parents' concerns and creating a culture that encourages teacher turnover? I guess parents will have to wait until Dr. Brennan retire (in two years)and allow the principal in waiting to get on the job training from Dr. Brennan. Is this the administrative solution for First Coast High School?
At what point will Board Member Paula Wright and other DCSB members recognize that Dr. Vitti is not the transformation, visionary and effective leader they sought four years ago to lead this district? The accountability for principals and district staff is inconsistent. Several principals are either fired or demoted when their school culture does not foster a school/parent partnership, address student misbehavior and have a high degree of teacher turnover. All of these components existed at First Coast High School but the principal is remaining for another two years. Believe me when I tell you that First Coast High School is the tip of the iceberg of Dr. Vitti ineffective leadership of the DCPS. Stay tune for further examples of his poor leadership!
The Board should hold him accountable and the electorate should hold Board Members accountable by VOTING


  1. I have heard multiple times that Educator101, JTaverna and McFeely are board members (specifically Couch) and/or upper level district staff. Anyone know if that's true?
    If it is true then it makes me sad that they don't have the guts to say what they think in the real world.

    1. And your name is............

  2. I am not a paid, publicly elected official. I am one of those poor schmucks stuck forever on an annual contract, because Rick Scott got rid of PSC's. I don't have the luxury of speaking my mind, it will cost me my job. I have a family to feed. I have a absolutely zero job security.
    As bad as this whole situation in DCPS sucks for all of us, double sucks for people like me.

  3. This is the face of accountability for FCHS. Surely this can't be this kid's first incident. And I have it on good authority that this video is even worse than the Ray Rice one. Even if the woman threw the first punch how this kid isn't charged with assault is beyond me? This type of behavior isn't innate, it's learned.