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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Superintendent Vitti, ignores parents, teachers and data, indicates Brennan isn’t going anywhere

After a community meeting at First Coast high school dozens of parents and community members left disappointed as Superintendent Vitti indicated Principal Al Brennan wasn’t going anywhere.

This despite the school grade has dropped from at least an A grade to a C, over 90 staff members have left and the community en masse has turned against him under his watch.  I also want to remind you that Vitti called Brennan one of the district’s best

All this begs what would it take for Brennan to get removed, perhaps the murder of a child that the parent believes is partly responsible due to Brennan’s indifference and failure to act when asked for help, oh wait that happened as well.

I spoke to a parent who believes Vitti is being sincere in saying he wants to improve First Coast and will put in measures to make it happen but at the end of the day even they still believe Brennan has to go.   

I am of a slighty different opinion and that is if Vitti keeps this bully masquerading as an educator at First Coast then it is time for Vitti to go as well.

The really sad thing is FC was doing some nice things before Vitti and Brennan got their hands on it.


  1. I would love to know what those other Principals did to warrant snatching them up and putting them somewhere else? Vitti as rule moves more Principals than a Valet moves cars at a 5 Star restaurant. I can't imagine it is worse than Brennen's behavior and deteriorating school performance. There is something very sketchy at play here.