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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vitti bombs at Paxon's graduation, illustrates bigger problems.

A couple things, this blog will be five years old in three weeks, though I have been writing about local education issues for eight years. I was far from alone in thinking the pervious Super Ed Pratt Dannals did a poor job but as bad as he was things never approached the level of vitriol that superintendent Vitti creates. Huge swathes of staff absolutely despise the man. 

Look he's got a tough gig and being super is the type of job where you are never going to please everybody but he had better do something quick. 

I present below from a reader for two reasons, first because it's news and second because it shows the level of contempt Vitt has generated among his staff.

Had to attend Paxon's graduation last night and Vitti showed up, literally, 5 minutes before we went on stage. He addressed the crowd and was so overtly narcissistic and self centered I cannot convey it enough here. 

He was fully and thoroughly shown up by the three student speakers we had that it was embarrassing. He used the same address he used last year and earlier this year at another graduation (according to 2 different students). So glad to be retiring and moving away. Thought you'd like to know. Oh, this is the consensus of the entire student body of Paxon and the faculty. ask anyone.

I can't give you quotes, but I can get close to a couple of things; one of my favorites was, not exactly a quote but close, "Any story or play or book you've ever read written by an author..." Is there any other kind of story book or play? Weren't they ALL written by an author? And he pointed out his red cape (he meant hood...part of the graduation garb and regalia) that he got as a result of going to Harvard and getting his doctorate...then he added, "I don't tell you this to brag." I wanted to stand up and say, "But this is the very definition of bragging." I could swear I heard chuckles in the audience at this.

Here is a link to the graduation and you can judge for yourself. He arrives at 25:45.

Above was sent to me by a long time veteran, the type of teacher who has both taught and inspired countless students. They are not the type to fly off the handle or engage in hyperbole and if the super has so utterly lost them then we have a huge problem.

I don’t expect Vitti to try and be everybody’s best friend but job one this summer should be him trying to repair his relationship with the district's teachers, we can’t afford to lose any more good ones and we’ll never be the district we could be as long as a good amount of the people doing the teaching loathe the him.


  1. My daughter was there because she sang with the chorus and she said basically the same thing about him. A 15 year old girl, noticed that he could have cared less about where he was. It is a shame

  2. But he went to Harvard.

  3. His grammar sucks. My favorites from the video posted: Thanking parents TO giving us the opportunity.....Your faculty is surrounded by you (guess that's his dyslexia)...My closing remarks are directed at you directly, graduates...Give that book back to your children (he said to the graduates). It's painful to listen to him speak.

  4. He gave a speech at our graduation about two years ago. Same message, using himself as thee example of overcoming adversity to achieve great things...that being his Harvard degree and scholarship.

    Narcissistic is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. If you look closely at Vitti when he speaks you can see inside him there is this whinny little baby who will pitch a fit if he doesn't get his way. It's in there and that is why he doesn't play well with others.

    Look closely next time. It will make you laugh.

    So yes, what you say is true and you can throw me in the contempt pile. I'm in good company there and I got lots of cool people to play with.

  5. On these very pages years ago I said Ed Pratt Daniels is far from the worst you'll ever see.

  6. He needs a new speech. I had to chuckle because at First Coast graduation last year I remembered some of those same words used during his!!!!

  7. Thank goodness he didn't come to ACHS graduation. He talks to much.