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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 year Duval teaching vet, this is the worst I have ever seen!

From a reader:

 Yet, at the elementary level, they are forcing these children to read entire novels that are sorely lacking in any sort of literary value! 4th graders are being forced to read a book by a "local" author yet it is a book that few seem interested in. We can't use the textbooks because there "aren't enough". We can't run copies yet we are supposed to have the items preprinted for the interactive journals. We lack the basic supplies such as paper yet I am expected to print 30 plus pages in lesson plans a week for just 1 subject, not including my documentation of small group instruction. 

Printers are slowly being phased out in the schools and rumor has it, computers that teachers may or may not be getting will not even have a DVD/CD drive. That is, of course, assuming our teacher computers (some of which are 6+ years old) are even replaced. However, I am supposed to implement technology in my classroom. That is, when the computer ports in the classroom are working or the network is actually working. That is also assuming that my 6+ year old teacher laptop isn't being shut down in the MIDDLE of a lesson for an UPDATE that should have been done AFTER school when I wasn't in the MIDDLE of TEACHING AN ACTUAL LESSON to my class!! My computer shut down 4 times in the past week for UPDATES in the MIDDLE of lessons!! 

I have worked in Duval for over 20 years. I am also proud to say I am a product of Duval County Public Schools. However, this year has been unreal!! To call it a HOT MESS would be a gross understatement! I have never seen such disconnect and such hand tying as I have seen this year. We aren't purchasing the textbooks and other materials needed to do our jobs so where is the money going?!?!? We have core classes that are overcrowded and no one downtown seems to care. Let's pay the fine rather than do as the voter's wished and limit class size. All I can do at this point is do my best and pray that it is enough because we certainly aren't getting any help from the powers that be. Sad!


  1. Worst I've seen too and I also have 20+ years. I swear they are working us to death with our hands tied so we'll quit. Planning time constantly stolen. Open House and IPDPs due and preparing for first formal observation all in the same week. Oh and Performance Matters training and Progress Report grades due. All the while, admins saunter around like they don't have anything to do. They don't even try to look busy. Their only job is to criticize us. I have never had this many students, this many student schedule changes, this many IEPs, this many ELLs. I have never been so limited on copies, this short on textbooks. I too wonder where the money is going. It isn't going to teachers. Where is my STEP? I am so overworked.

  2. This is the Corporate Beast unleashing on the Public School System for a Corporate Take-over. Next, they are going to be coming after our houses and our bank accounts, those of us who have. A frightening scenario. Do not forget what Hitler did in Europe!!! Imagine I am a Board Certified Engineering Intern who is also Math 6 - 12 Certified with 1 year experience teaching upper level math but cannot get hired, currently, because of State of Florida Political interference in the hiring structure for non-education majors.

  3. Unless you are an unqualified TFA teacher, then the district will gobble you up.