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Monday, September 15, 2014

Rep. George Moraitis, Florida's latest worst legislator ever. He doesn't care thousands of students are displaced by failed charter schools.

Representative Moraitis has made Education Matters several times in the past but it's not till now that we can actually see how little he cares Florida's students.

From The Naples Daily News:

 “The beauty of the movement is that it allows for greater success and flexibility, and it does allow for failure,” said state Rep. George Moraitis Jr., R-Fort Lauderdale, vice chairman of a Florida House committee dealing with school choice. “Unlike a traditional public school that requires a heroic act to close it down, parents can vote with their feet on charter schools.”

He is obviously not swayed by:

■ Since 2008, 119 charter schools have closed because of financial reasons, academic failures, student safety concerns or administrative mismanagement. Before closing, those schools taught an estimated 14,000-plus students, the vast majority of whom were forced to relocate to neighboring schools, sometimes in the middle of the academic year.

First is there any beauty in a system that wastes millions of dollars, has a thirty percent failure rate and displaces 14,000 children? Any?!? Is being able to vote with your feet worth that.

Bottom line this guy hates public schools and Fort Lauderdale should be embarrassed they voted for this guy.

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