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Friday, September 19, 2014

Other examples in society showing merit pay doesn't work.

I have to say intuitively merit pay doesn't sound like a bad idea. Unfortunately time and time again it has turned out to be and not just for teachers but in other segments of society as well.

Take for instance four police officers in Houston: Cty of Houston prosecutors have decided to dismiss over 6,000 traffic tickets issued by four police officers after investigators discovered the men were involved in a ticket-rigging ring in order to get more overtime,

A judge in Pennsylvania who got kickbacks from a private prison: His sentence brings to closure a dark time in the history of the city of Wilkes-Barre, PA, which is in Luzerne County.  He was found guilty in February of racketeering for taking a $1 million kickback from the builder of for-profit prisons for juveniles.

And the Veterans Administration schedulers who cooked the books: VA investigators have confirmed that agency officials across the country were "gaming the system" of tracking appointments in order to get financial rewards.

Then lets not forget the teachers who have already been caught up in cheating scandals: Further erasure analysis, coupled with interviews of educators from flagged schools, led investigators to implicate some 178 educators in 44 of the 56 schools examined. The resulting report, released by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) last month, found "systemic misconduct within the district as far back as 2001" and concluded that "thousands of school children were harmed by widespread cheating in the Atlanta Public School System."

Are these direct parallels to fixing tests, no, but they are all examples of people gaming the system for profit. As long as there are people I am sure some behavior like this will exist but society does itself no favors when instead of paying people a decent wage it prefers to use carrots to get the jobs done.

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