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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tucker Carlson an idiots idiot!

He asked his guest if she had ever seen a teacher's union push for a reform that would make more work for teachers.

His premise is teachers are assigning less homework at the behest of the union so they can do less work for the same money.

Let me apologize to the idiots out there for comparing him to you.


  1. Whitney Neal represents The Bill of Rights Institute, which a quick google says is Koch-funded.

  2. Both of these people are freaking idiots. She was a former teacher. I looked it up; at most, she taught 4 years. Please, that is a blip in the life of a real teacher.
    This has nothing to do with the union and everything to do with the parents who don't want to deal with the homework of students. I tried giving daily homework with 9th graders for years, but honestly, most didn't do it. I gave 0's, and students failed. I tried starting the HW with them, and still the turn in rate in standard classes was like 25% at best. In class, most students would work hard, and my writing scores were and still are fantastic. The real learning occurs in the classroom, and homework should be practice; however, when so many parents are not able to actually work with their kids because of their jobs or do not even understand the material themselves, it is difficult to help their own child.
    It is absurd to think teachers just don't want to work hard. I typically grade over 100 essays a week. Think about it. If I spend just 5 minutes with every essay, that is 500 minutes or more than 8 hours to grade that 1 assignment. I have about 2 hours per day for planning, which is about 10 hours per week, but 2 hours is devoted to common planning, so I have 8 hours dedicated to grading and planning lessons and every other requirement under the sun. 1 essay, and my time is gone.
    Homework every day is NOT an indication of real learning, and an inundation of homework does not mean that teacher is better or worse.
    Do you want your child to be doing 2-3 hours of homework every night? See the studies on homework. Typically, the assignments have little impact on student learning.
    My students usually do long term assignments like reading a novel or doing a research paper for homework, but they have several weeks to do those activities. If a parent wants to be involved, just ask for the work to be handed back. The argument that these teachers are trying to keep parents disenfranchised is pathetic. Most teachers hand back work; just ASK YOUR CHILDREN for the work. Many lose it from period 1 to period 2.
    By the way, I am NOT a part of the union, really because I don't want to pay the dues; however, the union has so little say in anything, it's kind of sad. He kept implying that the union was the entity promoting less or no homework. It has no impact on whether or not teachers give out homework. People who watch characters like the above get a distorted view of the real life of a teacher, and that woman, who is no longer a teacher, should have no voice in the discussion. She is a talking box for all of the pseudo-reformers.

  3. So why is she a former teacher. Couldn't cut "the heat in the kitchen"?

  4. Ridiculous assertion. Most teachers I know would love to have all of their students do all of their assignments. Yes, they already spend an insane number of hours outside of the work day planning lessons and grading papers, but it is easier to grade the bigger assignments if students do the work on the smaller ones. Besides, most of the people on the anti-homework side of the argument are parents who want their children to do other things instead of school work.

  5. Does Tucker Carlson know that an urban high school teacher works about 90 to 100 hours per week which in accordance with many teachers' salaries makes them approx. minimum wage rate earners?

  6. Tucker Carlson needs to come to Duval County Public Schools and inquire into the magic of GRADE RECOVERY PACKETS. Out of approx. 134 students I had to give out approximately 69 packets. My Assistant Principal was interested in Grade Recovery Packets more than anything else. In the Second Quarter she told me to start preparing packets for the Third Quarter, as well. That is why homework is not done, even though plenty is given. And, we are well aware that if students do not do an adequate amount of problems solving they cannot learn math. So get your arrogance off of teachers' backs, Tucker Carlson!