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Monday, September 8, 2014

More general wackiness from Jason Fischer

From the, "I can't make this stuff up" file.

Quoted from the far right blog

“You see the federal government, in its great and never ending wisdom, decided that it was priority to tell Duval County parents what they could or couldn’t have at bake sales,” board member Jason Fischer said at the meeting.
“There are many other issues that our country needs to address, but somehow this was a priority. As an example, we spent more time discussing this bake-sale exemption than the federal government has spent trying to bring home a highly-decorated Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is languishing in a Mexican prison for no fault of his own.” Tahmooressi has been languishing in a Mexican prison for over 100 days after making a wrong turn and ending up in the country. At a checkpoint, he voluntarily declared he had firearms legally in his possession and was detained.
“How about we bring him home and let the parents of Duval County decide the contents of a local bake sale. I’m proud that we rejected that federal overreach,” Fischer concluded.
Wow, he's really upset about this guy in Mexico as for rejecting federal overreach, he may be overreaching when coming to that conclusion.
It is important to note that USDA has no role in regulating foods brought from home. The standards do not apply to any foods brought to school in bagged lunches, or for birthday parties and special events, including after-school bake sales and fundraisers
The crazy thing is there are real issues. The federal government through the use of No Child Left Behind waivers has basically federalized public education. Common Core is forced down the states throats, and the feds are demanding blame the teacher evaluations too. 

Instead of tackling the real issues he celebrates the push back of an initiative designed to make kids healthier, wow how terrible is that, and muddies the water with a story I am sure he has on google alert that takes him to all the far right and mostly nonsensical sites and has nothing to do with education, plus, um is that what they are talking about at the school board meetings because he seems to be implying they either are or should be.
Mandarin you elected this guy. I am looking at you.

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