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Monday, September 29, 2014

Once again Vitti shills for charter schools over public schools.

The superintendent wrote a letter to the state saying the district would be applying for grants to bring more charter schools to town and he used the KIPP school as justification, he said that KIPP was far exceeding the results of the neighboring local schools. This is both true and deviously and recklessly false.

Yes KIPP's scores are better than the neighboring public schools, though if we look at them historically it is just by a nose, but KIPP has also lost a third of it's beginning class, 88 to 64, which probably wouldn't raise an eyebrow except for KIPPs reputation of counseling out low performers.  Then they also spend about a third more than public schools do and can put requirements on their parents too.

I submit that is any of the neighboring schools had a third more resources and could council out their bottom third they would be leaving KIPP in the dust and how Vitti cannot acknowledge that and instead heaps accolades on them does a disservice to the school system he is supposed to represent. At best it is extremely disingenuous to do so.

For shame superintendent Vitti, it's time to stop standing up for charter schools and to start standing against them.

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