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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WJCT can't really be considered a source for Education News anymore

I have to say I like what Rhema Thompson, WJCT's education reporter has done over the last few months  which makes me sad to say that they have jumped the shark.

You see as part of their  American Graduate series they threw a dinner honoring among others Gary Chartrand the local millionaire and sworn foe of public school teachers and champion of privatization.

From WJCT: Chartrand is executive chairman of Acosta Sales and Marketing agency as well as chairman of the State Board of Education. He was also recently chosen to head the WJCT Foundation.
WJCT CEO Michael Boylan presented the evening's awards.
"The motivation for American Graduate Champion was to provide mentors for other people in our community to know that the rank and file from the Chairman of the State Board  to a local teacher can be impact our community in such a significant way," he said.
By significant does Boyland mean dreadful? Chartrand has done more to harm public education than anybody in Florida over the last few years has and in a state where there are a lot of bad actors that is saying a lot.
Well now we know why WJCT hasn't covered Chartrand's attempts to buy school board seats, his homophobic remarks, and his donation to a pac that out and out lied about Paula Wright among other things.
WJCT instead traded their journalistic integrity for 30 pieces of silver.

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