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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Florida's really not that pro-school choice after all.

Florida's legislative leaders are decidedly pro-school choice. Despite the fact vouchers resist accountability and charter schools as a group under perform they insist parents have those options. They often say parents know best about their children's education and they should decide. Except with testing that is.

It is nearly impossible to opt out of whatever the current high stakes standardized test, which voucher schools that take public money are exempt from, is currently being given. I say currently because it changes so often. We have gone from the FCAT to the FCAT 2.0 to this years common core based test and don't forget all the mandatory end of course exams either.

It's gotten so ridiculous that they state is insisting profoundly disabled and critically ill children take the tests and districts around the state are planning end of the course exams for kindergartners!

If parents know what's best for their children why aren't there easy to obtain opt-out options? Why are voucher schools paid for with public money exempt?

I believe it is because Tallahassee wants to kneecap public education to hasten privatization but even if you disagree with me about the reasons you should still be asking those two questions and until Tallahassee gives us honest answers we should all be skeptical about their motives.

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