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Monday, September 1, 2014

What has Corey Booker done for Education? Or hey Corey, mind your own %^&ing business.

What has Corey Booker done for Education? Or hey Corey, mind your own %^&ing business.

I get it, he buys his staff hot pockets, he helps old ladies shovel snow and he gives good face time on the Sunday Morning talk shows but if we are being honest what has he done for education.

With great fanfare he took a hundred million dollars form the founder of Facebook and then nothing happened. People were so fed up of the way things were going they went against the status quo candidate and elected somebody who cares about and wants to fix their schools when he left.

Since this is the case I find it incredulous that he thought to weigh in on a lawsuit filed in Florida by the PTA, the NAACP, the State School Board Association and the League of Women voters, you know all those child hating organizations, when they said no more to the states voucher program.

From Booker's Twitter Feed: FL Senate Ed Chair declines school board award after they sue to throw 70,000 poor kids out of schools

FL school boards asks court 2 end scholarships, remove 70,000 poor kids from schools chosen by parents

He joined Bobby Jindal and numerous other anti-public education republicans in questioning the suit.

Not only does the states Voucher program obliterate the first amendment but it takes hundreds of millions out of our schools and even more out of the states general fund and filters kids into schools that resist accountability, like I resist Ebola. They are a bad deal all around

Where are Booker’s tweets about common core and how it doesn’t address poverty, the shoddy treatment of Florida’s teachers, the hundreds of charter schools that have opened taken public money and closed leaving families and communities in a lurch in Florida and the cognitive dissonance that voucher supporters have? They say our public schools must have common core, STEM, high stakes testing, and evaluations based on tests while private schools that take vouchers are exempt.

Well Corey, where are they?

Nowhere, so Corey unles you are going to get a clue, why don’t you shut the &^%$ up and worry about New Jersey, last I saw you had plenty of problems there. 

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