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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jason Fischer isn't above using hyperbole and deception to sell his voucher point.

From WJCT: “These children are getting a really good education,” Fischer said, referring to students in the voucher program. “The threat is if the lawsuit is successful, it will be ripped away from them.”

Undoubtedly some students who take vouchers are receiving an excellent education but just as undoubtedly some students are getting mediocre and atrocious educations too. Fischer thinks just because they aren't attending a public school then all must be great when nothing can be further from the truth.

Furthermore since voucher schools and proponents doggedly resist accountability we can't know how well they are doing and it should make us wonder why. If they are as great as Fischer claims they are then why won't they show it? Why is he a supporter of accountability for public schools but is okay with private schools getting a pass?

Honestly that fact should tell us all what we really need to know.

Fischer is an ideologue who doesn't care about public schools and he has no place on our board. 

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