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Friday, September 12, 2014

Do you support accountability, tax payers, the first amendment and most families or vouchers.

The headline in several papers read, Crist sides with teacher unions over black clergy in school choice law-suit, it is also very misleading. You see the NAACP also supports the law-suit and I imagine they represent far more than the handful of clergy members who because they operate private schools that take vouchers, that oppose the law-suit

The headline however could have read, Crist supports accountability in voucher law-suit because the supporters of vouchers resist accountability, saying they don't need to take the same tests or certify and evaluate their teachers.

It could have said, Crist supports the first amendment in voucher law-suit, because since 90 percent of vouchers go to religious schools they obliterates the first amendment.

What abut, Crist sides with tax payers in voucher law-suit, because the donations take hundreds of millions out of the state coffers that would pay for a whole rage of goods and services that the Florida tax payer then has to make up for.

Finally the headline could have read, Crist supports the majority of Florida's families in voucher law-suit. Along with the NAACP the PTA has come out in support and they represent the millions of families with kids in public schools. They by the way are tired of being ignored as they complain about high stakes testing, the school grading system and lack of resources hurting our public schools. The voucher elite fall all over themselves bemoaning the fate of the few who take vouchers if the law suit were to be successful but consistently ignore our public school parents as Tallahassee goes forward with their plans to privatize our schools.

All of my headline suggestions would have been far more accurate.

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