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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jason Fischer jumps the shark, doesn't care about public schools at all.

In a WJCT piece Paula Wright summed up the problem with Jason Fischer who has been pushing for a resolution supporting vouchers.

 “I’ve heard nothing in terms of why we as a district should support your resolution,” said School Board Member Paula Wright. “I think it’s important that we realize that when we ran to be part of this table, we ran under the umbrella of public schools.” 

You see Jason Fischer doesn't care about our public schools and would drown them in a bath tub if he could and it doesn't matter that vouchers and charter schools are sub-standard options.

I wrote a few days ago about why district 7 should be against vouchers

but it is even worse because in his defense of the indefensible he is ignoring the legitimate issues that district 7 has. Fist numerous schools are over crowded and the districts solution to the achievement gap between 7 and 4 and 5 is to rob Peter to pay Paul. The district cherry picked some of the best teachers in 7 to cross the river and work with our most struggling students. Great for them yes but not so great for district 7.

With Fischer pursuing a purity test in support of vouchers, an issue 7 should be against and one that few people in 7 take actual advantage of he is ignoring real issues that affect the schools there.

We need people on our board that love public schools and who will work tirelessly to improve them. Jason Fischer is just not that man. 

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