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Friday, September 5, 2014

Arne Duncan's big bully federal takeover of education

If I am being honest there isn't much I like about Florida's education system. Charters, vouchers, the terrible way they treat their teachers, I could go on. But what I think is just as bad is the federalization of our school system and that's what has happened with Arme Duncan and the USDOE using of No Child Left behind waivers to force their will upon the states.

Don't want to have blame the teacher evaluations (Washington state), there goes your waiver, Don't want Common Core (Oklahoma) there goes you waiver. Think English as a second language speakers should have two years to learn English before their test scores affect schools and teachers evaluations hardly an unreasonable request (Florida) well you can lose your waiver too, or that's what the most unqualified secretary of education in history is threatening to take away.

I am a big government liberal who is generally satisfied with Obama and I think this is a disaster. Should the federal government have a role to play? Yes but these threats and intimidation tactics are wrong no matter how you slice them.

To read more click the links:

An upcoming article in the Vanderbilt Law Review argues that the administration's waiver program is both illegal and a very, very bad precedent. University of South Carolina law professor Derek W. Black has written articles about the intersection of federal power and school law before, but none quite as feisty as "Federalizing Education By Waiver." And folks have questioned the legality of Duncan's waivers all along, but this takes that game to a whole new level.

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