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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why does Florida's republican party hate public schools?

From WJCT:

The Republican Party of Duval County's Executive Committee passed a resolution earlier this week opposing the lawsuit filed against the tax credit scholarship program, which assists families pay for private education.
“I think it’s important that Republicans make their principles known,” said Duval GOP Chairman Rick Hartley. “To us, the education of children is more important than turf battles over unions and bureaucrats.”
Hyperbole about unions and bureaucrats aside, about 60,000 families receive vouchers a proverbial drop in a bucket when compared to how many families have students in public schools.
Yesterday the PTA representing about 3.2 million families came out against high stakes testing and they for years have had similar complaints about the states grading system and a lack of resources too.   Yet there hasn't been a peep from the republican party as they are to busy losing their minds over the fact people have legitimate questions about vouchers.

That's millions of public school parents ignored and it doesn't matter that vouches resist accountability and as a group provide a substandard education either. 
The republican party would end public education if it could. 

1 comment:

  1. Sure seems like that is the goal - privatization. Public Education used to be one of the crowning achievements of our nation, along with Public Health. Alas, no more!