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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jason Fischer's grandstanding show where his loyalties lie. Hint it's not with public school kids.

First if you live in Jason Fischer's district you should be completely against vouchers and charter schools. They are both sub-standard, as a group, and bleed resources away from public schools, and yes I know he points to some self-serving studies that say they don't but Vitti and supers throughout the state say they do.

The reason you should be against vouchers and charters is not only does district 7 have some of the best schools in the city but the state itself as well. You should be against anything that might harm them or aren't as good and it is that simple. Well unless you are Fischer.

Does that stop Fischer from promoting vouchers and charter schools? Nope because he is ideology driven, not fact, evidence or even self-interested driven. Even being elected to serve the best interests of his constituents will deter him.

He doesn't care what is best for the families in district 7, he only cares about choice even if the choices are bad ones designed not to benefit children but to hurt public schools and fill the bank accounts of operators.

He has been outraged by a lawsuit against vouchers and attempted to grandstand at the recent school board meeting.


Florida Voices for Choices is the advocacy arm of low-income tax credit scholarship program Step Up for Students. Step Up for Students founder John Kirtley chairs both groups.
The group began rallying against the suit at the Florida Education Association headquarters last week. Duval County was the first of several school board stops throughout the state, said Executive Director Catherine Robinson.
“We all thought this was a good opportunity for some parents to go and voice their support, not only for the program, but for any school board members who might support the program as well,” Robinson said.
The group did receive support from one board member. School Board Member Jason Fischer attempted to add a resolution on the matter to the board agenda, but that motion was rejected by the rest of the board members.

John Kirtley by the way donated to Fischer's campaign and that guy hates public schools I believe because they are staffed by union teachers and has recently threatened to spend his vast wealth to influence school board races all throughout the state. Neither he nor Fischer care about public schools or the states children,

If you aren't yet convinced consider two things. First why aren't Fischer, Kirtley and the rest of the voucher crew fighting to improve public schools? Instead they are fighting to dismantle public schools and filter the children into schools that resist accountability, oh its absolutely necessary for publicly schools but they want to give private schools that take public money a pass.

Next why do the feel they can ignore public school parents and public school supporters so spectacularly. Millions of people have been complaining about a lack of resources, high stakes testing, the school grading system and so much more but they are completely ignored, oh but for the few people that want vouchers they are willing to blow up the whole system and that's because they hate the system

Vouchers are a bad deal and if Fischer cared about the families in 7 he would be fighting against them but hes not and that should tell you all you need to know.

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