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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Florida moves to make it easier to handicap public education and harder for poor kids to go to college at the same time. Up is down!

In Florida up is down, black is white, left is right and things just don't make sense.

The Naples Daily News is doing a comprehensive piece on the failure of charter schools and this has come on the heels of the Sun Sentinel and League of Women voters studies saying the same thing.

The evidence is both damning and mounting but it has not stopped the state board of education  from continuing with their plans to make it easier for charter schools to expand.

It doesn't make any sense but in Florida we just call that Tuesday. Another thing that flies in the face of decency is Florida is planning to make it more difficult for poor and mostly minority students to get bright futures scholarships. Not only have we cut funds to bright futures but now we are ratcheting up the requirements too.

To qualify for a Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars award -- the most selective and lucrative scholarship -- students have to score at least 1290 on the SAT or 29 on the ACT. Those scores put students nearly in the top 10 percent nationwide.
In 2012 those students needed a 1270 on the SAT or 28 on the ACT..
More students qualify for the Florida Medallion Scholarship -- that's what Seiler just missed out on. Over three years, the minimum score rose from 970 to 1170 on the SAT and from 20 to 26 on the SAT.
Less money and higher scores. Poor and mostly minority students losing out.
Florida would rather invest in a failed charter school system rather than send kids without any other means to college. Up is down, black is white, left is right and things just don't make sense.

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  1. I am happy that we are no longer paying for students who aren't college ready to attend college. Most who scored a 970 either dropped out or flunked out. I would rather they give money to districts to hire more teachers, so I don't have 34 in a classroom. It has nothing to do with poverty and race. It has everything to do with aptitude and effort.