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Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's nice to see SB members Couch and Wright stand up for public education.

When Wright and Couch were first elected in 2010 I had high hopes for both of them. They were both from the classroom and that experience should have taught them what our schools, teachers and students needed. To say the least I have been somewhat disappointed. Often they have asked tough questions but more often they have supported the corporate school reform movement too.

Another thing they have in common is this is it, this was the first SB meting of their last term i office and because of that they will not run for reelection again and don't need to bow down to the corporate reform movement who sadly pulls a lot of strings in this city.

Maybe that is why they felt they could push back when a few voucher supporters backed by a Tampa Millionaire tried to hijack the most recent school board meeting.

From WJCT:

School Board Chairwoman Becki Couch said accountability was her greatest concern with the voucher system.
"That doesn’t mean that they’re aren’t schools that accept the scholarships and do a great job because there are," she said. " But it’s having that consistency across the state to ensure that all children receive a quality education and that there’s accountability for that."
Both Couch and Board Member Paula Wright are part of the Florida School Board Association, which is one of the plaintiffs in the suit. Duval County School Board is not listed as plaintiff in the case.
Couch stated her comments were not representative of the Association.
“I certainly don’t think that school choice is going away anytime soon…We either believe in accountability or we don’t,” she said.

That's the thing too, voucher fans including SB member Jason Fischer think accountability is incredibly necessary for public schools but the opposite for voucher schools.

I do have one concern and that is the fact Couch took a lot of money from voucher supporters this last election cycle despite the fact she didn't even have an opponent. I wish I didn't because of her good start but I still have to wonder where her loyalties lie, whether it is to public schools or those groups that would dismantle them.

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