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Friday, August 24, 2012

Being on the school board has been very lucrative for Betty Burney

From December 2004 to December 2011, Mrs. Burney’s net worth went up by about 70 percent from, 272,780 dollars to 446,521. It must be nice to be recession proof.

In 2004 Mrs. Burney reported owning six properties and in 2011 she reported owning 16. I would say she was a mogul but in 04 she reported 28,000 in rental income, where in 2011 she didn’t report a cent. Maybe she is just a collector and yes that seems strange to me too.


  1. It's possible she could have owned more property if she hadn't been burdened being ON the school board. If you have any facts that suggest she enriched herself while on government payroll you need to submit it to the Times-Union, they will investigate it and run a story on it. I personally never accuse anyone of wrongdoing unless I know for sure, especially in a public forum.

  2. I did and they haven't followed up on it as of yet and are you sugesting that being on the school board held her back somehow? Also what about the lack of rental income, do you not find that suspicious?