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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Connie Hall’s consciousness of guilt, or, where are the follow up questions (rough draft)

Monday night Connie Hall asked the school board to pull from consideration a contract with her for-profit company Ready for Tomorrow. She did not respond to questions when asked why. The bigger question almost becomes, why hasn’t the media asked again?

I have to tell you her just giving up shows a consciousness of guilt to me. If I thought I was providing services that kids needed and I had employees mouths to feed then there would be no way I would give up just because some malcontent teacher-blogger raised questions about it. No, if I thought I was in the right I would fight for it. On the other hand if I thought I was in the wrong or doing something sketchy then I too would probably just withdraw the contract and hope everything went away.

I know the Times Union has seen her since they asked the first questions. She was at today’s meeting where the school board picked superintendent candidates and Times Union reporters were there in force but follow up questions were nowhere to be seen.

If she’s on the up and up all it would take is her answering a few questions but as things are now she will enter office with a cloud over her head as people suspect she was trying to bilk the school system for her own profit. The real problem is we don’t know either way because the media, the Times Union won’t ask the questions.

How can we have an honest debate about education when those entrusted with protecting the public, the forth estate do not do their job.

Chris Guerrieri
School teacher

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