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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chris Guerrieri asks, how can he have an honest debate about education when the news leave out facts?

The Times Union left out a very important fact when talking about the nearly half million-dollar contract the School Board was prepared to give Connie Hall. It was a no compete contract. They didn’t advertise for the services or solicit other bids. Instead they were just going to give nearly a half million dollars to a company run by one of their friends that employed School Board chair, Betty Burney’s sister.

If the services were so important then doesn’t the board have a moral and fiduciary responsibility to find the best providers? Apparently not and that should be troubling to us all.

Finally how can we have a fair and honest debate about education when those that are supposed to be stewards of the publics trust, the Times Union, leave out important facts? That should be troubling to all of us as well.

Chris Guerrieri
School teacher

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