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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Duval County School Board wastes thousands interviewing Kathy LeRoy

You hear different things about Mrs. LeRoy. She is an autocrat with no people skills and she does some nice curriculum work. I don’t know enough about either to judge. But what I do know is the district wasted thousands of dollars interviewing her.

Originally the board had narrowed down their list of finalists to four, Kriner, Vitti, Robbins and Miller but after an impassioned plea from Mrs. Leroy’s friend, Paula Wright they decided to give her an interview as well and this despite the search company had her rated fairly low and reasonable people beleive she isn't ready yet.

Fast forward a few weeks and after interviewing the five we have cut the list down to three, Kriner, Vitti and Robbins. You can’t think for a second that if they would have brought in the original four that only one would be leaving town out of contention. No, having Mrs. Leroy interview undoubtedly gave one candidate the ability to survive another round of cuts which will cost the district thousands of dollars.

The current school board has a habit of spending our money on its friends while teachers spend their own money to outfit their classrooms with necessities. I think we all hoped for better.

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