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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Duval County’s less than fiduciary and morally responsible budgeting practices.

From the, this is freaking unbelievable file.

Ed Pratt-Dannals can approve contracts by executive fiat up to one hundred thousand dollars.

The board is required for contracts over 100,000 thousand dollars but there doesn’t have to be a bidding process ever if the services are labeled academic services, which in a school system cuts a pretty wide swathe.

Doesn’t the school board have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to get the best services at the best price? The answer sadly is no.

In light of recent contracts that have benefited friends and family members, I wonder how much leakage has occurred over the last few years and I wonder how much our teachers and children have been short-changed.

I don’t know but I do know that while the district was pleading poverty, letting people go, denying raises, cutting salaries and ending programs they have had hundreds of thousands of dollars to give to their friends and family members.

Welcome to Duval County.

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